Darwin the Chinchilla

Meet Darwin. Our new pal. 

Meet Darwin. Our new pal. 

Kevin and I adopted a chinchilla from our friends Neil & Utako. His name is Darwin. 

He's a giant, adorable, soft puffball, that runs around and squeaks while he hops.

It's been my dream to have one as a pet since I was in elementary school. I'm glad I waited.  Becaaaaaauuuuse:

Interesting fact: male chinchillas sometimes perform oral sex on themselves.

Maybe you knew that already. I don't think you did (but if you did, brava!). Maybe you hope I'm making that up, and wish you could Eternal-Sunshine it out of your mind. For the future, if you can't tell what that chinchilla-dude is doing, it's better to look away, and remember I told you about this.

Or maybe, congratulations! You just discovered that a male chinchilla is definitely the pet for you!