I Never Want to be Her

I'm trying to publish a new entry three times a week. I've been hesitant to say it, because I've tried reinventing my site at least three times last year, each time bein' all like, "from here on out, I am posting everyday! Be sure to keep checking me out!" 

Day 1, here I am,

Day 2, more like the end of this video:

I couldn't find a week long time-lapse video of someone periodically sitting down at a computer, but finding ways to do everything but write for hours on end, so beyond day 2, you'll have to use your imagination. Or watch this:

One giant demon, blocking my road to consistency is being afraid of becoming anything like this:

The personal irony is that I got a new Nespresso machine on friday, and I invited my mom over to try it. 

To be fair, I used to like Cathy when I was a kid. I think I figured I would really get it when I was grown up, and could read. Now it makes me feel gross, like  this. Ack ack ack.

It makes me feel groany, like mass produced mother-in-law, or blonde, or blonde mother-in-law jokes. Sorry if you love all these things I'm slamming. I'm not trying to break your heart, they just make me feel bad because some are such outdated cliches.

I love puns, so you can lord that over me if  you want.

Take it easy. 

I'll do my best to not go all Cathy on you.