My Parents are in INDIA

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My parents left for friggin' INDIA on Sunday.

Someday I'd like to go there, too. I am also terrified both thinking of future trips and thinking of my parents traveling there, because of the stories about the humanity and the food poisoning that friends have regaled me with regarding their own adventures in India . A land of extremes, horrific but never regrettable, is what I've come to learn through stories and from Slumdog Millionaire. And also to bring an extra pair of shoes to the Taj Mahal

Before they left, my dad kept threatening to walk into the Ganges. To be honest, I didn't know the Ganges was that dirty, I just guessed at the situation based on the level of disgust in my mom's reaction. Her disgust wasn't unwarranted. I asked him why not just walk into some raw sewage instead.  Sadly, that isn't really a joke. I tried to look it up again yesterday, and am feeling even less great about it. 

For now they are safe in Kathmandu. I'm sure my Mom will let me know soon enough what happens in or around the Ganges...

"Regular Frills" : Ottersnaps 2010-2013

"Regular Frills" : Ottersnaps 2010-2013

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